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Fiction and Non-fiction Books, Cds and DVDs for Latter-day Saint Readers

Enoch In the City of Adam — Volume 1

Posted on Jan 2, 2015 in A COMING FLOOD novel series, Banner, New Releases

by J. L. Thompson Watchers, fallen angels, demons, giants, raiders, armies and Father Cain — what can a boy of little promise do? Enoch in the City of Adam chronicles the early years of young Enoch. As a mere “lad” Enoch is not the most obvious choice to lead his people, being smaller and weaker than most of the young men of his village and having a speech impediment that makes him appear weak to many. Nonetheless, Father Adam recognizes in him one who will rise to the call to help his people when perilous times threaten on the horizon. Technological implementations and diabolical deceit were destroying the people, their civilization, and the very planet, and Enoch sought feverishly to gather out those who would listen to his message before the end came crashing down on them in planetary...

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Brigham’s Bees

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 in Banner, Fiction, Zion BookWorks

MYSTERY / SUSPENSE by Robert Kirby Retail Price: $11.95 Back in print (in paperback) by popular demand! Special Internet Sale price of $10.95   Somewhere in Utah County, a treasure waits to be discovered. The coins called Brigham’s Bees were works of art. Using a makeshift stamping mill fashioned from a Mexican War cannon, master engraver and Mormon Bishop Samuel Woodbury hammered out a treasury for Brigham Young in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains — more than 3,000 gold coins. However, none of them were ever spent. On a cold autumn day in 1862, Bishop Woodbury disappeared with Brigham Young’s Treasury of Deseret while enroute to Salt Lake City. Some say Woodbury absconded with the treasure to California. Others say he was a Confederate sympathizer and the Mormon gold ended up in the coffers of the Richmond government...

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The Hand of Glory

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 in Banner, Fiction, Women Authors, YA/Juvenile, Zion BookWorks

By Stephen Carter Illustrated by Galen Dara Book 1 of The Harrowed Valley Hauntings YOUNG ADULT / YA / PARANORMAL / GHOST STORY It’s Here! Special Price: $11.99   Thou shalt honor thy ancestors. Unless they are trying to kill thee. Moving to an old house in a tiny Wyoming town has made life miserable for 14-year-old Paul McCallister. The ancient toilet doesn’t work, two school bullies have singled him out as prey, and, worst of all, his mom has disappeared. The only thing that keeps Paul sane is the friendship of his Uncle Doc who, when not tending his gigantic junk shop, snoops around in their family’s strange past. And in that past lurks a mystery: A vanished woman. A pool of blood. An old house that won’t stay quiet. As Paul comes closer to solving that mystery,...

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I Spy A Nephite Activity Book

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 in Banner, Classics, Nonfiction, YA/Juvenile, Zion BookWorks

by Pat Bagley JUVENILE / YOUNG ADULT / YA / ACTIVITY BOOK / PUZZLES / GAMES This popular book has sold over 100,000 copies! Isn’t it time to add it to your collection? Kids from 8 to 80 will love to follow the adventures of Norman the Nephite and his travels through time. It’s your job to find Norman in these colorful pictures depicting scenes throughout history. From The Pre-Mortal World to the Lost Ten Tribes to a future in space. The wonderful and challenging illustrations will provide hours of continuous fun as you search and say “I Spy A Nephite”! About the Author Pat Bagley is the editorial cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune. He has many books to his credit which include the illustrations for two volumes of J. Golden Kimball Stories by James Kimball. As well...

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Grampa In Training — The Hall of Fame Edition

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 in Banner, Nonfiction, Zion BookWorks

A MUST for those in and approaching Gramp-age! (Not to be confused with GRUMP-AGE!) by Jon Robert Howe Volume One — Hall of Fame Edition SELF-HELP / GRANDPARENTING RetailPrice: $8.99 When their son got married in 2002, Jon Robert Howe and his wife, Rosie, knew they had nine months before they could possibly become gramparents. As they continued to infanticipate, this popular author and speaker has continued to gather insights and successful techniques from Hall Of Fame Gramparents to share with other gramparents and wannabes like himself. This first in a series is full of wit and wisdom and entertaining fun about the advancing years. All about being a Grampa (or a Gramma), this book is chocked full of humor, stories and practical advice for those who find themselves with the welcomed label “grand-parent”, whether in teaching and/or encouraging...

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Kirby Soup for the Soul

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 in Banner, Classics, Humor, Nonfiction, Special Sale!, Zion BookWorks

Book 5 in the Mormon Humor Collection Retail Price: $9.95 SALE PRICE: $7.99 HUMOR / LDS     With the 21st Century best of Robert Kirby All new cartoons by Pat Bagley Feeling lost in a confused and hostile world? Sad … hopeless … desperate? Hungry for words of comfort to feed the weary soul? Heck, so are we! We can’t promise the answer to all of life’s problems (though ‘quit whining’ is a much under-appreciated piece of ageless wisdom), but cough up ten bucks and you’ll get the best of The Salt Lake Tribune’s award-winning humor columnist Robert Kirby and cartoonist Pat Bagley. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Robert Kirby is the award-winning editorial columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune whose books include Sunday of the Living Dead and Wake Me For The Resurrection, and Family Home Screaming. Pat Bagley...

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MORE J Golden Kimball Stories Volume 2

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 in Banner, Humor, Nonfiction, Special Sale!, Zion BookWorks

First Edition HUMOR / LDS by James Kimball Illustrations by Pat Bagley “Oh My Heck!” — words never uttered by J. Golden Kimball. Golden also didn’t say ‘heckuva,” “goll,” “flip,” “fetch,” “darn,” or “shoot.” It was against his principles to use decaffeinated words. What Golden said a hundred years ago is still remembered today because he always spoke with humor, conviction, heart — and a double dose of highly memorable words. He was a General Authority. He was a cowboy. He was one of a kind. ABOUT THE AUTHORS: James Kimball (1936-2004) is best known from his PBS specials Remembering Uncle Golden and On The Road With Uncle Golden. The first book in this series, J. Golden Kimball Stories, is an LDS bestseller. Pat Bagley is the awardwinning author and illustrator of many Utah and LDS books, including I...

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iPlates: Volume 1: From Ammon to Abinadi, Alma, and Zennif — Book of Mormon Comics

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 in Banner, Classics, Nonfiction, The iPlates SERIES, Women Authors, YA/Juvenile

GRAPHIC NOVEL / ILLUSTRATED STORYBOOK / BOOK OF MORMONPrice: $13.99 PURE BOOK OF MORMON AWESOMENESS! From Ammon to Abinadi, Alma, and Zennif Vowing to reclaim the land of his fathers, Zeniff leads a company of Nephites deep into Lamanite territory. But the Lamanites have other plans for them. Can Zeniff defend his city against the Lamanite armies? Will his ambitious son Noah seize the crown? Can the prophet Abinadi save the city from its own wickedness? Adventure, war, betrayal, and redemption await you in iPlates Volume 1, an award-winning comic series based on the Book of Mormon. This ‘graphic novel’ treatment of Book of Mormon stories is written by Sunstone editor, Stephen Carter, and illustrated in color and black and white by animation artist, Jett Atwood. Older children and teens—and many young adults and adults, too—will enjoy the way...

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Pat and Kirby Go to Hell

Posted on Mar 1, 2013 in Banner, Humor, Special Sale!, Zion BookWorks

The Mormon Humor Collection — Book 3 Special Price $6.99 (+S&H) HUMOR / LDS Pat and Kirby finally get their eternal reward. Join them as they follow St. Peter’s advice and “go toward the light.” That glow in the distance may be coming from the Pearly Gates, but, knowing our boys, it’s more likely the boiler room in hell. Still, it’s nothing more than they deserve. This is the third book in the series begun with Sunday of the Living Dead by the SL Trib boys, Robert Kirby (Editorial Columnist) and Pat Bagley (Editorial Cartoonist) Robert Kirby is the award-winning editorial columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune whose books include Sunday of the Living Dead and Wake Me For The Resurrection, and Family Home Screaming. Pat Bagley is the award-winning author and illustrator of several Utah and LDS books,...

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