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Fiction and Non-fiction Books, Cds and DVDs for Latter-day Saint Readers

Moroni Smith in the Land of Zarahemla — Book 1

Posted on Aug 17, 2015 in Coming Soon, Fiction, The Moroni Smith Adventures SERIES, Zion BookWorks

by Thom Duncan  Book One of the Moroni Smith Adventures SERIES Who wouldn’t want to find the location of the lost civilizations of the Book of Mormon? Someone! Dr. L. DeLeon Ardis, BYU professor of archaeology, is on a church expedition to try to find the Lost City of Zarahemla. As Zarahemla’s exact location is being radioed to church headquarters, communication is interrupted. Church leaders suspect foul play. Moroni Smith, Orrin Porter Rockwell VII and Gadget Gunderson, of the Church Special Projects division, are sent to discover the fate of the Ardis expedition. Shot down as they approach the area, the trio push through the jungle and find the city still intact, with descendants of the Nephites struggling for their freedom. As they fight to protect the city and its people from the evil Reverend Maximus Deil, leader of...

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Sandy and the Weird Sisters — YA Fiction

Posted on May 26, 2015 in Fiction, New Releases, YA/Juvenile

The Sandy Hunter Saga — Book One by J. D. Newman Growing up, making choices, being responsible for yourself and the choices we all make might seem everyday to some, but for 12-year-old Sandy, it is a new and liberating experience. Sandy has grown up under the influence of her widower, rugby-coach father and her athletic older sister Roxie. When her father and sister go to England for a rugby tournament, they leave Sandy in the care of her three great aunts, referred to in family lore as the “weird sisters.” The mysterious Weird Sisters have not been seen in years; or so Dad says. Each of the aunts espouses a different faith — Catholicism, Mormonism, and Unitarianism — and yet they respect and support each others’ practice, while Sandy views them as the outside seeker of truth she...

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Get That Gold!

Posted on Aug 7, 2013 in Adventures of the Restoration SERIES, Fiction, Women Authors, YA/Juvenile, Zion BookWorks

by L. T. Downing Book One in the Adventures of the Restoration Series. Recommended for Middle Grades 4-8 and up. (Student Readers ages 9-13 and up, their parents and siblings) ABOUT THE SERIES: In the Adventures of the Restoration series, award-winning author L.T. Downing brings early church history to life in the way young readers crave—with exciting, fast-paced stories about the real people and events of the Restoration era. Readers will have a front-row seat as Joseph Smith fights off attackers who would steal the gold plates, as Martin Harris loses the 116 pages of the translated manuscript, and as the young Prophet, his family, and friends face the persecutors, politicians and traitors that ultimately drove the Latter-day Saints from state after state in their quest for the freedom to worship. Parents are sure to find the Adventures of...

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Moroni Smith and the Sword of Laban — Book 3

Posted on May 30, 2013 in Fiction, The Moroni Smith Adventures SERIES, YA/Juvenile

MORONI SMITH AND THE SWORD OF LABAN Book Three in the MORONI SMITH ADVENTURES SERIES by Thom Duncan FANTASY / ADVENTURE If a sword existed that could end all war on the planet — wouldn’t you want to control it? Moroni Smith, Orrin Porter Rockwell VII and Gadget Gunderson, of the Church Special Projects division have had no time to recover from the adventure that surrounded the Gold Plates. Now, another power-crazed man wants to use the powerful Sword of Laban as leverage for his excuse to run the planet. Once again our team surges ahead into the unknown, only this time Port and Gadget not only have to find the sword, but their leader, Moroni, as well! EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER ONE: “As Matthew lunged for me with the Sword of Laban, I used the only thing nearby I...

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Moroni Smith In Search of the Gold Plates — Book 2

Posted on May 30, 2013 in Fiction, The Moroni Smith Adventures SERIES, YA/Juvenile, Zion BookWorks

Book Two in the Moroni Smith Adventures SERIES by Thom Duncan FANTASY / ADVENTURE Buy it at $11.00 (Introductory Special) Who would want to steal the Gold Plates? Well, anyone would! Moroni Smith, Orrin Porter Rockwell VII and Gadget Gunderson, of the Church Special Projects division, are engaged in yet another fingernail-biting adventure as they try to recover the stolen Gold Plates from a splinter faction claiming divine right and stewardship of those legendary Plates. Their adventures take them from the rocks and caves of Southern Utah to the lush hills of the Finger Lakes District in New York state as they follow the trail left for them by the megalomaniacal leadership of The Brethren of the Lord. More of the work of the cover artist, Melita Lee, can be seen HERE EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER ONE: “What’s the sign...

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Brigham’s Bees

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 in Banner, Fiction, Zion BookWorks

MYSTERY / SUSPENSE by Robert Kirby Retail Price: $11.95 Back in print (in paperback) by popular demand! Special Internet Sale price of $10.95   Somewhere in Utah County, a treasure waits to be discovered. The coins called Brigham’s Bees were works of art. Using a makeshift stamping mill fashioned from a Mexican War cannon, master engraver and Mormon Bishop Samuel Woodbury hammered out a treasury for Brigham Young in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains — more than 3,000 gold coins. However, none of them were ever spent. On a cold autumn day in 1862, Bishop Woodbury disappeared with Brigham Young’s Treasury of Deseret while enroute to Salt Lake City. Some say Woodbury absconded with the treasure to California. Others say he was a Confederate sympathizer and the Mormon gold ended up in the coffers of the Richmond government...

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The Hand of Glory

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 in Banner, Fiction, Women Authors, YA/Juvenile, Zion BookWorks

By Stephen Carter Illustrated by Galen Dara Book 1 of The Harrowed Valley Hauntings YOUNG ADULT / YA / PARANORMAL / GHOST STORY It’s Here! Special Price: $11.99   Thou shalt honor thy ancestors. Unless they are trying to kill thee. Moving to an old house in a tiny Wyoming town has made life miserable for 14-year-old Paul McCallister. The ancient toilet doesn’t work, two school bullies have singled him out as prey, and, worst of all, his mom has disappeared. The only thing that keeps Paul sane is the friendship of his Uncle Doc who, when not tending his gigantic junk shop, snoops around in their family’s strange past. And in that past lurks a mystery: A vanished woman. A pool of blood. An old house that won’t stay quiet. As Paul comes closer to solving that mystery,...

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